Obaseki: No Need To Be Afraid Of Impeachment


The simple truth is that no Governor should ordinarily be afraid of impeachment if his intendments, actions and policies are lawful, above board and people oriented. Afterall, the grounds for impeachment are clearly enumerated in our laws and thus should be fairly easy to avoid.

Conversely, our State is far more important than the political ambitions of any one person. We are in a democracy nationally, and must be in a democracy at the State and local levels of governance. To do otherwise is to unwittingly and naively, surrender ourselves to dictatorship (no matter how benign or altruistic it portrays itself as).

There is no reasonable reason why a democratic governor cannot work successfully with a vibrant and robust House of Assembly. The Assembly was never designed to be a social or political club of acquiescent minds. The Nigerian Constitution envisaged a House of Assembly that is fully representative of its different peoples and acting as a check and balance for the Executives, and not as a rubberstamp for executive actions.

We all as citizens, owe it to ourselves, to our nascent democracy and indeed to our State, to vote into office, honest, robust, independent and vibrant House of Assembly members. Nobody can love our State more than we, the citizens. We have been there before, and now, we recognise that a rubberstamp Assembly does not serve our purpose as citizens, but the purposes of its masters.

So, dear fellow citizens, on Saturday, come out in large numbers and vote for an independent House of Assembly.

Managing Director, Edo Geographic Information Service (EDOGIS), Arch. Frank Evbuomwan


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