Obaseki: Reinventing A New Governance Culture In Edo State

Engaging the rancorous approach of opposition politics in Edo State has lost its capacity to inspire. Like an emperor without clothes, the elevation of false moral outrage echoes the documented numbness in realities’ potent message.

The APC’s debate of eloquence signals an end to substantive economic, moral and ethical questions of good governance. In fact it will be (as expected) socially humiliating for the opposition party in Edo State to address Governor Obaseki’s priority healthcare programmes with progressive departure from the usual political sensationalism. This embrace of cultural reaffirmation, best serves the innocuous political embalmment the party has historically nurtured.

Permit me to question the APC’s complex overlap of rudimentary politics and uninformed rhetorics. Inflicted by the incorrect juxtaposition of politics and governance, the public stand aghast at the meaninglessness of opposition politics in Edo State.

The Obaseki government’s decision to upgrade dilapidating public infrastructure (including the Central Hospital) and reorganise the Benin City into a truly Mega-City status should attract salutations. Instead, the agency of the APC in Edo State pierces a focused gaze on rear-sense introspection. Instinctive breeds within the hypocritical framing of statements credited to the opposition reiterate existential hollowness in governance deliberations within the party. In fact their use of randomness and inflammatory proposals, lack intense engagement with substantive questions of governance.


Governor Obaseki’s and PDP’s re-emergence, reflects governance in the form of infrastructural upgrade to guarantee efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. Embedded in the promise of public-private sector partnerships across all sectors, this reinforced symbiosis provides a stepping stone for people-oriented governance.

Revitalising public governance by connecting economics to humanity and notions of civic life is at the core of Governor Obaseki’s development strategy. Please let us support this government to plant a good seed in the heart of Edo.

*Ikpenmosa Uhumuavbi Esq, PhD.*


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