Obaseki sponsoring Labour Party Governorship Candidate, New Details


Edo State’s Labour Party is currently caught in the crossfire of a brewing storm, with accusations flying over the alleged sponsorship of its gubernatorial candidate, Barrister Olumide Akpata, by Governor Godwin Obaseki.

At the heart of the controversy lies the purported donation of vehicles to the party, with suspicions of hidden motives and deception surfacing among party members.

Comrade Chris Osagie, a staunch Labour Party member, has stepped forward, raising questions about the authenticity of the vehicle gift. According to Osagie, Akpata initially presented Sienna vehicles to the party, declaring them as gifts aimed at fortifying the party’s structure.


However, eyebrows were raised when Akpata reportedly took back the vehicles, justifying the move by claiming the need to register them under the name of a company, Zopaz Advisory Service.

This company is co-owned by Akpata and Adesola Joshua, diverting the registration from the Labour Party Edo State.

Osagie has expressed concerns about the handling of the vehicle ownership documents, noting that Akpata retained the original copies while submitting photocopies to the party.


This inconsistency has cast doubt on the sincerity of the purported gift, suggesting a potential hidden agenda under the guise of supporting the party’s growth.

Barrister Olumide Anthony Akpata has vehemently denied these allegations, dismissing them as baseless rumors. He maintains that the vehicles belong to the Labour Party and refutes claims of deceit as misleading.


The situation has caused a division within the party, with Osagie cautioning against accepting gifts blindly. He calls for vigilance among Labour Party officials and leaders, emphasizing the importance of maintaining transparency.

Osagie also highlights the roles of influential figures like Mr. Peter Obi and Dr. Alex Otti, known for their integrity and commitment to the party’s success.

Their involvement brings an additional layer of complexity to the unfolding controversy. Advertisements As the conflicting narratives continue, the Labour Party in Edo State grapples with allegations that have cast a shadow over the true intentions behind a significant donation.

The unfolding drama raises critical questions about transparency and trust within the political landscape, especially as the gubernatorial race gains momentum. The party must navigate these challenges to maintain its integrity and credibility among voters



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