Obaseki: Why We Can’t Host International Sporting Events



Governor Godwin Obaseki says the lack of standard hotel facilities has hindered the state from getting the hosting right of international sporting events.

He disclosed this at the Government House when he received the final design concept for the N19.6 billion Edo State Radisson Hotel Project (ESRH) on Wednesday.

According to him, “The reason why we have not won the right to host international sporting events is because of lack of accommodation that would pass the standard test of the governing bodies for events like gymnastics, swimming, tracks, and others.”

When completed, the 170-room Edo Radisson Hotel will be part of the government’s programmes to raise tourism receipts, drive economic growth, and improve the state’s chances of hosting athletic events.

The project’s construction is scheduled to begin on July 27, 2023, and is projected to be completed before the end of the current government in 2024.

Obaseki added that the importance of this project cannot be overstated, and that his administration’s goal is to complete it before leaving office in 2024.

“The financing for this project is being created, and the project will pay itself up in less than five years. Projects like this are dollar-based, and we need to make decisions on time and finish our procurement early enough. The team has been diligent enough in their job as we are dealing with public funds and making sure of accountability and transparency in the way the project is being handled.

“There is clarity on what is to be done to bring this project to reality. There is clarity about the long list of items to be bought ahead of holidays in Europe to enable these items to be bought and shipped on time. We will continue to support the project.”

Charging the project contractors on quality, the Governor said, “We know the quality standard you are made of and know with you, we have no doubt that you will do a good job.”

Earlier, the Project Manager, Jerry Donkor Associates, Jerry Donkor, who presented the design to the Governor, said the project will be ready for opening in October 2024.

“The project will be handed over to the Edo State Government on the 19th of September 2024, while the actual opening will be on the 18th of October 2024,” he added.


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