Obaseki’s Aide Reacts To Arise TV’s Claim That The Governor Is A Serial Betrayal

A Special Adviser to the Edo State governor, Sarah Igunbor on Tuesday reacted to publication by the Arise TV in which the media outlet tagged the governor a serial betrayal.

In a post on Facebook, she wrote:

Governor Godwin Obaseki is not a serial Betrayal, He’s a man who is straight forward and believes in doing the right thing for the benefit of all.

He didn’t betray his predecessor comrade Adams Oshiomole but on the contrary he was unjustly disqualified which made him resign his membership of the APC. How a certificate that qualified him as governor in his first tenure suddenly was used to disqualify him by comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomole led screening committee.

As regards the Rivers State Governor, Governor Godwin Obaseki did not betray him, He did his bit during his electioneering process as other PDP Govs did. He was appreciated after his support. He did not win the election in Edo. I can’t recall anyone going to vote for the Governor because of him. He did not cast his vote in Edo. If he was the winning factor, I wonder why he didn’t manage to win it in 2016. He supported and was appreciated. A thank you visit was taken to him in Rivers. What more should have been done for him? Would the Rivers Gov tolerate half of what he is doing in Edo? Who is PDP Chairman in Rivers? Would he dare challenge Wike? Would even the SS Vice Chairman dare challenge Wike?

We were not the ones that called him out but he was the one who insulted our deputy governor in a national tv asking who is his father? It is amazing how what they won’t tolerate in their states they impose it on other states.


As regards having a firm control on the party structure in the state, the governor remains the leader of the party in the state a position that is undisputed,we are not unaware of those causing problems in Edo due to their greed to get delegates from Edo, One thing about Governor Godwin Obaseki is the fact that he is a respecter of the law,he decided to follow due process and obey the restraining order on the delegates, he could have allowed the delegates to vote since they were the ones on the list and the authentic Delegates but he decided to follow due process as he didn’t want anyone to use Edo to upturn the whole process.

Arise TV’s position on Obaseki is targeted to mislead the public it is nothing but a figment of imagination of some persons. I’m suprised at the fact that they would allow such thrash take the center stage of national discourse especially at a time like this.

There’s no way you can win two elections in Edo State without national political exposure and even work in the installation of a National Chairman of a ruling party without National Political Exposure

Obaseki is a refined technocrat who has offered advice and raised concerned on national discourse that concerns the people. Being fully aware of how tight and tough things are for the people, he increased minimum wage from 30,000 to 40,000 even when other states are struggling to pay the 30,000 minimum wage.

Obaseki is no doubt a man of the people,competent and a refined politician


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