Obi’s World Tour Product Of ‘Political Naivety’ – Omokri

Former presidential aide Reno Omokri has said the ongoing ‘world tour’ by the presidential flag bearer of the Labour Party (LP) is borne out of political naivety.

The former Anambra Governor has been on tour in the United States and Europe to meet with his supporters.

He has addressed and attended several town hall meetings during the tour.

Omokri, questioning the benefits of Obi’s tour of foreign countries, reminded him that Nigerians in diaspora ‘can’t vote’.

Describing Atiku and Tinubu as wise candidates, the former presidential aide advised Obi to take a cue from them seeing they’ve been busy moving around the Nigerian states; meeting its citizens alongside their leaders while canvassing for votes.

He further warned the ‘Obidients’ not to cry wolf when their candidate eventually loses out in the 2023 elections as a result of his ignorance politically.


Omokri wrote: “What has been the benefit of Peter Obi going round foreign countries? It only shows political naivety. Sadly, diaspora Nigerians can’t vote.

“Wise candidates are in Nigeria consulting Nigerians who can vote. It is only when they win that they do an international tour!



“Atiku is busy going from state to state meeting Nigerians and their leaders. Emilokan is doing the same.

“Meanwhile, Peter Obi is going from foreign country to foreign country campaigning to people who CAN’T vote. When he invariably loses in 2023, Obidients will shout rigging. Oya, insult me! #TableShaker.”


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