Okpekpe: Organisers To Conduct Full Doping Control, Medical Services

Organisers of the Okpekpe international 10km road race say there will be in-competition doping tests this Saturday, May during the eighth edition of the World Athletics Elite Label race in Okpekpe near Auchi.

Race Director, Zack Amodu reveals that provisions have not only been made for a full doping control for the event but also full medical services will be available at the venue.

”In line with World Athletics anti-doping rules, in-competition tests will be conducted for selected athletes during the race. This will be done to preserve the integrity of performances achieved at the event which is a World Athletics Elite Label race,” said Amodu.

The Race Director further revealed that a minimum of eight athletes will be subjected to the tests that will be conducted in conformity with the provisions of the international standard for testing and investigations.


“As a World Athletics Elite Label race, four men and four women will undergo the tests including 4 with EPO analysis. The testing kits needed for effective anti-doping have arrived. We have a doping station built in Okpekpe for the race. Only the elite athletes will however undergo the tests. Athletes who are required to take prohibited substances or methods written in the Prohibited List to treat an illness must apply for TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemptions),” Amodu explained.

Amodu also assures of full medical services before, during and after the race.


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