Old Jim Iyke Video In TB Joshua’s Congregation Resurfaces Amid New Allegations Against Dead Prophet

A 2013 video featuring the appearance of Nollywood star Jim Iyke among the congregation as Pastor TB Joshua ministered has resurfaced shedding light on the circumstances of the deceased controversial pastor.

The viral video, which captured Jim Iyke exhibiting unusual behavior at the church, had circulated widely in the past. During a recent interview with Chude, the actor provided insights into the incident, clarifying that he attended the church because of his ailing mother.


Jim Iyke recounted following advice to bring his mother to the church in the hopes of her recovery. He revealed that upon arrival, they were confined to a suite, where they were urged to attend the service downstairs.


Under intense pressure, the actor eventually joined the service and even shared a laugh when the in-person preacher passed by him. He explained that he was advised to control his reaction, as his sister didn’t want others to see him laughing.

Jim Iyke continued his account, stating that after the pastor returned to him, he lost memory of the events that transpired. Despite initially denying being the person in the videos, the actor now acknowledges that he was indeed the one in the footage, emphasizing the depth of the world.


Watch the video below;

The resurfaced video has reignited discussions about the incident, prompting Jim Iyke to provide a more detailed perspective on the events that unfolded as Pastor TB Joshua ministered to his cogregation in 2013

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