Only In Africa Are Politicians The Richest People – Ghanaian Actor Laments


Michael Blackson, a Hollywood actor of Ghanaian-descent has taken to social media to urge African leaders to fix the continent.

The actor and comedian stated that there is no middle class in Africa, only the rich and poor, and that the politicians are the richest people on the continent.

Specifically, Blackson said the average income in Ghana is so low, yet houses in Ghana cost more than houses in Atlanta.

He also complained about how African leaders go into leadership positions and become rich. He said the richest people in Africa are those in government but this isn’t the case in America.

He went on to say that something needs to be done about Africa to make life better for the average man.

Read his thread;

The richest people in Africa are the government officials; but in America, I know beeches on only fans that make way more than Joe Biden”

To be a leader of any country you have to be selfless, you have to care about the women and kids on the streets begging for money as if they are your family. #FixAfrica”

He continued;

“I’m so confused with what’s going on in West Africa, if the average income is $100-$200 a month why aren’t there affordable homes with mortgages ranging from $25-$50 a month?

Houses in Ghana costs more than Atlanta but the average income is less than what a crackhead gets on the street.”



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