Opposition Parties Will Fight over Presidential Slot – PDP Chieftain Warns Amidst Merger Talks


Segun Sowunmi, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and a gubernatorial hopeful in the 2023 elections, expressed concerns over the prospect of a merger among opposition parties aimed at unseating the All Progressives Congress (APC) government.

In a recent interview with The Punch, Sowunmi said there will be infighting within the merger over who gets the presidency slot.

When questioned about his stance on the ongoing discussions surrounding a potential merger, Sowunmi voiced scepticism, stating, “Collaboration is better, but I suspect this merger thing is because the proponents are lazy thinkers.” He suggested that the idea stemmed from an attempt to use the same strategy that had been used against them, citing the successful merger between President Tinubu’s Action Congress of Nigeria and Buhari’s Congress for Progressives Change.

Sowunmi raised questions about the specifics of the merger, asking, “Who are they merging with? Have they talked to Peter Obi and his obedient followers? Who will be the captain of this merger? Will the 13 PDP governors agree to a change of name and subsume themselves under an arrangement that they don’t know?”

In response to these queries, he predicted internal strife, stating, “They are going to spend the next 20 years struggling and fighting themselves on who is going to be President because all of them want to be President at the same time.”

Sowunmi advocated for a focus on party reform instead. He said there is a need to address mistakes, boost membership, and enhance the party’s image to regain electoral success.

“People must see what we are offering and doing differently,” he said.


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