Outrage As Davido And Chioma Party Night Away In Houston Club Amidst Custody Battle [VIDEO]

Amidst the ongoing custody battle with his baby mama, Sophia Momodu, over their daughter Imade Adeleke, Davido and his wife Chioma Rowland were spotted living their best lives at a Houston club in the United States.

In a viral video, the newlyweds were seen dancing and having a blast together, seemingly unbothered by the court documents revealing Sophia’s response to Davido’s request for partial custody.

Watch the video below;

The carefree moment sparked mixed reactions from netizens, with some trolling Davido for prioritizing partying over his parental responsibilities, while others showed support for the couple’s ability to enjoy themselves despite the legal drama.

Read some netizens’ reactions below;

hameedahadayi: “Na why Sophia no fit give them custody be dsies! Chioma dey do body guard for Davido leave her twins for nanny!! She isn’t ready to be a mum at all… She rates David much higher dn her kids. Sophia on the other hand takes her parenting job very seriously…..reason Imade has turned out fantastic”

littygirl_122: “This Chioma get zero dress sense”

bigrugar: “Chioma where are your little babies? U party all day and night”

odoblackstarr: “Don’t thev have twin babies at home? When people start referencing them they’ll get angry”

bigbabyjuls: “This is the life sophie wants but no be by gra gra”

chewingtop: “Does she even have time for them kids? David and Chioma are irresponsible parents. Sophia don’t let them take your Girl”

realopeolofin: “I think chioma has this post partum disorder that fights her away from her babies.. some women have it .you can’t see them with babies until the depression wears off they prefer someone else to do then motherhood for them some won’t even breastfeed”

ebueijeoma: “All these riff raffs that don’t know the difference between joint custody and sole custody. The man is asking for joint custody”

The video has sparked a heated debate online, with many weighing in on the situation. While some criticize Davido for his priorities, others argue that he deserves a break and some fun with his wife. The custody battle continues, but for now, Davido and Chioma are living their best lives.

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