Outrage As Thieves Are Forced to Consume Stolen Beer [VIDEO]


A video making rounds on social media has captured a peculiar punishment administered to a group of South African thieves who attempted to steal alcohol from a shop.

The footage has gained significant attention as it shows the thieves being compelled to consume the very bottles of beer they tried to pilfer.

The incident unfolded when the would-be thieves broke into the shop with the intention of stealing alcoholic beverages. However, their plans were foiled, and they found themselves facing an unorthodox form of justice.

Watch the video below;

The video has triggered diverse reactions on social media, with opinions split on the appropriateness of this unconventional punishment. Some users express concern about the potential health risks, speculating on the impact of forced alcohol consumption on the thieves’ kidneys and overall well-being.


There are fears that such a form of punishment could lead to severe health complications or even pose a risk of death for the South African beer thieves. The incident has ignited a debate on the thin line between justice and potential harm in the pursuit of unconventional penalties.

See some netizens reactions below;

Netizens Reactions…
@_onyinye12 said; “Hope say no be dry gin.”

@breadboi402 said; ” Enjoying the hard work 😂.”

@portharcourtboyfriend_ said; “-😂😂😂 I love this.”

@iamchizzy_v said; “VIP honor 😂”

@ayoola_of_africa1 said; “I go like see after video😂”

@presh_e said; “SA and alcohol na 5$6.”

@addis_niggar said; “Drink a thon 😂”


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