Pastor Ntia apologizes To Obi Cubana After Dragging Him For Lavishing Money During Burial [VIDEO]


Pastor of Full Life Christian Centre, Reverend Ntia I. Ntia publicly apologizes to the sensational businessman, Obi Cubana over his lavish burial event.

This is coming following the elaborate funeral arrangement of the businessman’s mother in Oba Anambra that captured the attention of the media due to its display of wealth.

In reaction to the viral video from the event, Pastor Ntia had referred to the act of throwing money in the air as seen at the event as ‘an act of stupidity.’

Watch the video below in link …


Ntia, however, apologized for the statement after Obi Cubana revealed in an interview that he helped over 50 indigenes of Oba through trade.

Pastor Ntia apologizes to Obi Cubana after lambasting him over elaborate burial

Pastor Ntia further added that people like that are indeed worthy of celebration as he humbly apologized to Obi and his friends whom he might have crossed.

Watch the video below …



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