PDP Crisis: Atiku’s Victory, Implications For Edo State

Yesterday, I wrote on the political outcomes of Senator Ayu’s management of PDP National Convention to elect a Presidential Candidate and the battle for recognition and relevance by the feuding factions of Edo PDP. Earlier yesterday, I read that members of Dan Orbih’ faction were consigned to the Press Pavilion Overflow with some wearing tags stolen from other States. It’s a comical ascription of a very serious matter.

The Governor’s group was reportedly encamped in another part of Abuja reading to storm the Convention venue in a blaze of glory. Despite numerous court admonitions, the convention rights to vote, was the crowning glory of the conflict. Embarrassingly, but not surprising, the leadership of the party finally acknowledged the judgments and rulings of the different courts on Edo PDP and decided to bar the faction earlier advertised as authentic delegates and promptly substituted them with delegates from Dan Orbih’s faction waiting on the wings of fate to be crowned the new brides. They finally voted in the convention as authentic delegates. No matter the coloration or lyrical beatitudes, it was a loss for the Governor’s faction and a morale boosting win for Dan Orbih’s group.


The implication of this moral victory is that PDP has recognized all the candidates produced by Dan Orbih’s faction, during the recent primaries, pending any unsavory court pronouncements. The further implications of this development is that, if the Governor’s faction are unable to upturn these herculean legal burdens, Governor Godwin Obaseki enter next year’s electoral battle with strangers and will end his tenure with hostile members of state and national assemblies.

Furthermore, negotiations with Atiku and Team will rest on weak platforms, because nothing tangible was contributed to his victory. Back home, political appointments won’t assuage the damages to stymied political careers. Revolts will ensue.

The next few days is a veritable window of opportunity to negotiate a political solution to abate this deluge of cataclysmic errors.

Jefferson Uwoghiren, Esq.
May, 2022


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