PDP Crisis: Tension As Edo PDP Members Express Mixed Feelings As They Await The Supreme Court’s Judgement


THE Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) factions in Edo state have continued to assert the authenticity of their candidates as they await the Supreme Court’s ruling on issues.

The party held parallel primaries to select candidates for all elective positions in the state.

A few weeks ago, the Federal High Court in Abuja issued a judgment in favor of the Orbih, which was celebrated by his members.


However, the Court of Appeal overturned the lower court’s decision last month, stating that the issues in the suit are purely internal affairs of the party and thus not justiciable.

“The Appeal Court said, party matters, it is not the court that decides and you say the court did not decide anything as we are seeing in the social media so if you say the Appeal Court did not decide anything, why are you appealing to the Supreme Court,” a respected leader in the Obaseki camp told Tracknews yesterday.

He was adamant that the process that led to the emergence of their candidates was genuine, claiming that the business of holding primary elections is strictly a party matter.


A House of Representatives candidate in Edo South from the Orbih faction told Vanguard, “We are the genuine candidates, but they are tossing us up and down.” They simply went to the government house and wrote the names of candidates, whereas we are the genuine candidates, but we are at the Supreme Court, and we know and hope for a favorable judgment.”

According to Justice Jonah Stephen Adah’s Court of Appeal ruling, “from the foregoing therefore, this court having hitherto given a decision in respect of the subject matter of this appeal, the court cannot be seen to reprobate and approbate.” This court’s decision in case No. B/408/2022, CA/B/106/2022 remains unchanged. The election of ad hoc delegates is not justiciable because it is deemed to be an internal matter of the political party. As a result, the trial court lacked jurisdiction to hear the case. This issue is resolved in favor of the appellants in this regard.”

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