PDP Crisis: Why You Must Cooperate With Obaseki To Reestablish Party In Edo – Ewere

…before it is too late

The PDP will not triumph in any election by slicing and dicing itself into bits and pieces; we must allow the Governor lead us to political victories as one big family, especially as we approach a major election year

The People’s Democratic Party, remains a frontline vanguard in the democracy we are building today, the Party must not forget the humiliation it faced in Edo for close to 14 years under the APC, except it wishes to go back to the status of opposition

Godwin Obaseki is Governor today, in 2 years and 7 months, he will bow out of office haven built successfully on the foundations laid by his successors, should PDP not consider where it would be after Obaseki? – a salient question we must ask ourselves as Party men

Where has the bickerings, disagreements and fiascos led us in the last 2 years since PDP took over Osadebey Avenue? No where – aside unnecessary trips to Abuja to settle discords, regular visits to Court to institute cases, daily social media brickbats by supporters of a divided house, unending suspicions by supposed members of same political bloc, etc, the PDP as a political party has not done anything spectacular that can sustain it at Osadebey

Godwin Obaseki has carved his name reinventing development in Edo – there has been drastic improvement in our security architecture, he fought the deadly COVID-19 in the most commendable manner, he has maintained a consistent early-salary-structure, timely promotions in the civil service, fortified Edo’s health, education and IGR system, rehabilitated roads abi initio dilapidated and built new ones connecting communities hitherto disconnected, improved infrastructure and has developed a 30-year MEGA plan to drive sustainable development in our dear State

A man of Obaseki’s calibre should naturally be seen having the support of his party the PDP, but the reverse remains the case – how do you expect to hold tight to the exclusive ingredients of your party and think the Governor will support your aspiration; Obaseki has never shown any trait of violence or antagonism, with him as Governor, we have had the most peaceful coexistence in the history of our State

The PDP must not allow praise-singers, opposition and detractors get it back to a long political sabbatical; if Godwin Obaseki choses to exercise his full Executive Powers using the instruments of State, that will be disastrous for the Party and will lead to the premature end of the political career of many persons; our party leaders cannot be seen overstretching a Governor whose attitude and disposition towards “perceived intimidation” is already well-known – Obaseki knows how to fight back and win


Yes, politicians must make demands, being a sacrosanct tradition in politics; however, demands must be seen to revolve within what the Governor “can do”, making such requests to suit personal and overbearing interests as against the Governor’s already-established vision may be seen as a tall request and almost impossible to grant

The PDP and its crop of leaders must be seen cooperating with the Governor to reestablish the party in Edo and make it the permanent party in power; this can only be achieved if the the Party submits to the progressive will of the Governor; where the bickerings, disagreements and superiority play continues however, the PDP may just be on its way back to oblivion while the Governor cruises through his second term unhindered, unbordered and unchained

Political parties are blocs built to accommodate all and sundry, in which persons with ambitions can persuade members to rally support; constitutionally, the State Governor drives the party in terms of direction, finance and logistics, that the Edo PDP will have to continually depend on external support is not a credible fortune in politics

Let us change our methodologies and be more productive as a political party; let us review our ideas and philosophies and be more productively engaging; the constant show of force between the Governor and leaders of our party is needless and does us no good politically and otherwise

As we enter a new week and in the spirit of Easter, bearing resurrection and forgiveness, Edo PDP must approach the Governor now to pledge its unwavering loyalty and total cooperation and by extension reestablish the party and make it the permanent party in power in Edo, before it is too late

Eseosa Ewere contributes from Ikpoba-Okha


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