Petrol Tanker Drivers Begin Nationwide Protest


Petroleum tanker drivers have threatened to leave their umbrella organization, the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG), if its president, Williams Akporeha, and general secretary, Afolabi Olawale, do not resign.

PTD Ibadan depot ex-officio Gbenga Olawale stated in a statement on Sunday that the tanker drivers would initiate a statewide demonstration to pursue their demand.

The statement instructed PTD members around the country to march with leaves in front of their vehicles to warn NUPENG and police against interfering with and harassing their leaders.

According to the statement, Mr Williams is not a member of NUPENG and, as such, is unqualified to lead the organization.

He said that Williams was enlisted into NUPENG petrol station workers in order for him to run for NUPENG president, which was a violation of the NUPENG constitution.

“Williams is not a worker or a pump attendant on record at the time he was vying for the president position,” the statement said.


PTD alleged that Mr Williams planted his surrogates to collect all union revenue not used to develop the union and tanker drivers.

It called for a fresh election as members of the PTD, stressing that the petrol tanker drivers had decided to stand with Lucky Osusan and Dayyabu Garga to be the new NUPENG president and general secretary, respectively.

The association added that they decided to support Messrs Osusan and Garga because they sacrificed so much to ensure their members were free from extortion.



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