PFN Reacts To Violence In Israel-Palestine Conflict


The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has strongly condemned the recent violence in the Israel-Palestine conflict, denouncing it as a breach of human boundaries. The conflict escalated when Hamas militants carried out an attack on Israel, followed by Israeli air attacks and shelling, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians and the displacement of numerous families.

Bishop Francis Wale Oke, President of PFN, expressed shock and sorrow over the incident, labelling it a terrorist attack against unarmed and defenceless civilians. He emphasized the condemnation of this act of extreme evil against humanity and the crossing of boundaries.

PFN stands in solidarity with the people of Israel, who have been subjected to this horrific terror. The organization offers its condolences and prayers during this dark period. PFN called on people of goodwill worldwide to unequivocally denounce this atrocious act by Hamas, emphasizing that it contradicts the principles of peace, love, respect for human dignity, and peaceful coexistence that define shared humanity.

The organization’s stance is solidarity with Israel, a call for justice, and a rejection of the forces of darkness that aim to harm the unity of the human family. PFN prays for comfort for those in mourning and wisdom for leaders during this unprecedented period of terror, hoping for peace in Israel and worldwide.

Oil prices experienced a significant surge, and the dollar and yen strengthened on Monday following a surprise attack by Hamas on Israel over the weekend. This attack has reignited concerns about escalating tensions in the Middle East.

The crisis has amplified worries about the availability of crude oil from the region, coming at a time when supply concerns were already elevated due to output cuts from Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Furthermore, rising energy costs have triggered renewed fears of inflation, posing a fresh challenge for central banks as they attempt to navigate interest rate adjustments to prevent economic recessions.

The unexpected attack by Hamas and Israel’s subsequent declaration of war has resulted in a tragic toll, with over 1,000 casualties and heightened apprehensions that the conflict could potentially involve the United States and Iran.


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