Phyna Laments Vandalism Of Mercedes Benz At Airport

Big Brother Naija star Phyna has lamented the vandalism of her Mercedes Benz, which she had parked at an airport.

The reality star shared on social media a video showing the damage, with part of the silver panels on the side of the car pried off.

She expressed her outrage and frustration, stating that she had parked her car at the airport to go to work, only to return and find it vandalized.

She wrote: “I parked my car at the airport to go and work only to come back; they’ve removed this and the person tried removing the other side… na me and them for this airport today.”

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Phyna’s fans have rallied around her, offering sympathy and advice in the comment section.

Some of her fans advised her against parking her vehicle at the airport in the future, citing security concerns and suggesting alternative options like using taxis or parking her car at home.

Others, however, questioned the airport’s security measures, wondering why there were no security cameras or personnel to prevent the vandalism.

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