“Please Wake Me Up When The Destruction Of The South East Cease To Exist” – Joe Igbokwe

Spokesperson of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Lagos State chapter, Joe Igbokwe, took to his social media page and said that people should wake him up when all the killings and the destructive acts in the Southeast stop happening.

Joe Igbokwe is unlucky to be one of the victims whose houses were set ablaze following the insecurity that is going on in the Southeast region of Nigeria. Joe Igbokwe said people should wake him up from his sleep when the hate, bigotry, sentiment, mass murder, and destruction of the economy and pride of the southeast cease to exist.


According to Joe Igbokwe, he said: “Please wake me up when hate, bigotry, selfish sense of superiority, ethnic preoccupation, primordial sentiments, mass murder, Ason, destruction of the economy and pride of the Southeast, the land of the rising sun cease to exist”.

Looking at what Joe Igbokwe said, he wants people to let him know when the killing, sentiments, bigotry, and destructive acts in the Southern stop happening.


What do you think about Joe Igbokwe’s decision?


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