Polaris Bank Ban Staff From Friday Prayers

One of Nigeria’s commercial banks, Polaris Bank, has been criticised for asking Muslim staff not to perform Friday prayers.

In a leaked email, one of the bank’s supervising staff, Damilola Adebara, said the bank does not have a policy that allows any employee to go for religious activities during work hours.

The email suggested that the staff are working under its YES centre, a branch of its customer service.

The mail read in part: “Dear All, It has been observed that on Fridays, you leave your work desks to attend the Jumat service bearing in mind the impact of your absence on the work flow and productivity of Yes Center.”

“Kindly note that there is no provision made anywhere in the Bank’s policy for employees to attend any religious activities during work hours. Going forward such permissions would not be granted on the Yes Center platform and any infraction of this directive would be dealt with accordingly. You are all expected to acknowledge the receipt of this mail. Thank you.”

Following outrage by Nigerians, a commercial bank, Polaris Bank, has said that one of its supervising staff, Damilola Adebara, who wrote a memo banning workers from going out to attend Friday prayers acted on ignorance.

Reacting to the backlash from many Nigerians, the bank issued a statement, distancing itself from the stance of the supervisor.

In a statement signed on Thursday, the bank’s management said Ms Adebara acted in ignorance as the bank does not have any policy that forbids people from practicing their religion.



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