Police Arrest Man For Raping 8-year Old Girl In Benin

BENIN – A 45-year-old man, has been arrested in Benin for allegedly raping a 8-year-old girl.

Coincidentally, a parent had seen the girl being dragged into the bush and thereafter notified her teacher who engaged other teachers including the headmistress and after much questioning the girl exposed the sacrilegious act between herself and the man.

It was the school authorities at Ugbowo Primary School that informed the Police about the funny behavior of the 8 years old girl, hence arrest was effected.

The suspect was arrested today around Eagle furniture area at Uwasota in Benin City.

Incidentally, at the BDPA police station Ugbowo, a very concerned citizen called the attention of the President of the National Association of Seadogs (NAS) aka Pyrates Confraternity, Arabella Deck, to intervene in the issue.

Immediately, the Arabella Deck President intimated the humanitarian wing of the association who then took her to Central Hospital and after proper medical checks was conducted on the victim, it was discovered that the girl had been violated, this is coming after the culprit allegedly denied his involvement.


According to the girl, she said that the 45 year old man had raped her over 5 times, and hands her N50 to buy biscuits after each episode.

Upon enquires, it was also discovered that the mother of the victim is more concerned about the children of her current husband.

No doubt, the unkept, malnutrition and traumatized girl has been passing through a lot and needs thorough emotional, academic and parental attention.

Moving forward, NAS has taken it upon themselves to ensure that the girl is adequately taken care of, as regards her educational pursuit and general well being as it is clear that she fell victim because of negligence.

Meanwhile, though the culprit is still in police custody, arrangements are been made to transfer the case to the Edo State Police Headquarters (State CID), the National Association of Seadogs (NAS) has vowed to be on the case until Justice is served.


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