Police Quiz Lady Who Raised False Rape, Kidnap Alarm In Lagos

The Lady identified as Omotoyosi on Twitter who raised false rape and kidnap alarm on Thursday morning has presented self to Lagos State Police Command, Akoka division.

This was disclosed by SP Benjamin Hundeyin, Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, who shared on Twitter that the lady has voluntarily presented herself at the police station and questioning is ongoing.

The lady had on Thursday tweeted that she had been kidnapped and getting raped.

Providing information (including phone number) of the said rapist with an actual location.

Following the alarm she raised, the matter was pounced on by the general public until the police took over the case.

However, shortly after her tweet went viral, Toyosi came online to release a video where she said she was fine and is not being raped or kidnapped.


The police raided the said location Toyosi provided and arrested three guys who happened to live there but Toyosi was not found.

According to SP Benjamin, the police were at the location for over thirty minutes after well meaning Nigerians commendably showed concern.

Some Nigerians have called for disciplinary measures to be taken against Toyosi to teach other clout chasing social media users lesson as it is gradually getting out of hands especially from the youths and supposed leaders of tomorrow.

Toyosi will be arraigned before a Lagos court, for disturbing public peace


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