Policeman In Uniform Caught Staking Bet At Sports Betting Centre


A police man has stirred mixed reactions from Nigerians after he was caught on tape at a betting shop.

In a video, he sat on a high stool and fixed his gaze on the screens in the store to see whether his game had been cut.

The individual who made the recording tried to show sympathy by saying that the difficult circumstances in the nation probably drove him to turn to gambling for a way to generate money.

Watch the video below:

dms_comedy_; My Dad with captions ????? Daily Bread is for me ??????????

yes_shes_minah; With uniform this is wrong ?

unrully007; Dem don chop werey Gun ?

official_lustreoffor; I see a Wiseman not a police officer ask me how?

louis_scatter; Country hard even to put r for your hard dey hard you



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