Popular Pro-Tinubu Actress Trends After Arrest Of Mother, Daughter

Controversial Nigerian actress, Toyin Abraham, is trending on X again, after she reportedly facilitated the arrest of a mother, her daughter and a friend to the son of the arrested mother on Tuesday.

According to the son of the aged mother in question, El jefe identified as @jefferybest11 on X, Toyin Abraham called on the police to arrest him for allegedly “cyber-bvllying” her and her son. A sim (number) was used to obtain his details and track his family’s residence.

The Police traced El Jefe’s mother to her shop at Egbeda and picked her up alongside her daughter.

According to Obiasogu David who identifies as @afrisagacity, once news about the arrest of El jefe’s mum started to spread on twitter, Toyin Abraham, rushed to debunk El jefe’s tweet.

Toyin Abraham, however, was forced to take down the tweet, minutes after.

It was alleged that she moved to release El jefe’s mum and his sister not long after.

David added that as the incident unfolded, El jefe (who wasn’t around) had reached his friend, Ayo, who, from the onset, was reportedly the target of the arrest – to relay the news and get him to help out.

Ayo, who identifies as @47kasz had made a tweet dated 3rd of June, 2024, directed at Toyin Abraham (attached below). It was a response (tweet) to an insult from Toyin Abraham, who curs£d Ayo with the words “e no go better for you…”

Toyin Abraham, obviously hit by Ayo’s response, was reported to have responded by activating the move to arrest the alleged cyberbullies.

When El jefe reached Ayo and told him that he’s Toyin’s “prime target”, visibly perturbed by the arrest, Ayo headed to the station to report himself. As they sighted him, the police took him into custody over the allegation of cyberbullying Toyin Abraham.

GWG.ng reports that since early June, the actress has been in constant conflicts with X users, after failing to answer an online interview question bordering on her discussions with President Bola Tinubu during his presidential campaign and her current assessment of his government.

Toyin was one of the prime Nollywood stars who took time and every opportunity to canvass for the election of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as president

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