RE: Comrade Victor Okhaimho Spits Fire: Breaks A Long Silence Over Dan Orbih’s Knack For Greed

My attention has been drawn to a publication by The Eagle Media Link wherein I was said to have Taken Chief Dan Orbih to the Laundry with the content heading “Comrade Victor Okhaimo Spits Fire: Breaks A Long Silence Over Dan Orbih’s Knack For Greed” and authored by Comrade Chris Oboh.

This publication whose caption seem mischievous, misleading and clearly quoting me out of context came to me as a rude shock. For the records, I have never granted anyone an interview about Chief Dan Orbih let alone giving my consent to carry such malicious stories on the social media space.

I must warn that I would not want to be drawn into the current political face-off between Governor Godwin Obaseki and Chief Dan Orbih. I am not a member of the PDP and therefore should not be linked to the clash of personalities or any other actor involved in their party’s crisis.

I am known to be a very strong advocate of good governance and very critical about government, its policies and operations especially as it affects the common man but not to the extent where I would rain insults or engage in personal attacks and vituperations on respected individuals and personalities. My style of politics comes with finesse, civility and decorum where relationships are retained irrespective of our platforms and interests.

Even in my quest to help grow the All Progressives Congress (APC) where I belong to become a stronger and better platform, I am still very conscious that we must keep our relationships across party, tribal and ethnic lines.While alluding to the fact that I had a very decent and civilized conversation/engagement with my good friend Abu Abdulganiyu on his Facebook page wherein we exchanged our independent opinions about the personality of Chief Dan Orbih and also bore our minds on our various experiences and encounters with him, it could not have been said to mean spitting fire or taking Chief Dan Orbih to the laundry even though some of the comments credited to me in the said publication were truly made by me and clearly my personal opinion out of my experiences and encounters with Chief Dan Orbih.


I am known to be vocal about social and political issues and would rather say things the way they are. It is imperative to note that whatever challenges I had with Chief Dan Orbih had long been put behind me even though such unpleasant memories keep naturally resonating.

I therefore do not see the need to spit fire where there is no cause for such action even if I has the capacity or better still since I have unhindered access to Chief Dan Orbih if there is the need to engage him.

This rejoinder therefore serves to properly inform discerning members of the public especially friends and close associates who had called to question the rationale or need for such alleged paid propaganda knowing how peaceful and respectful I handle my political engagements and activities.

Finally, let me use the opportunity of this rejoinder to felicitate with “The Oduma” – Chief Dan Osi Orbih on the occasion of his 60th Birthday Anniversary, praying God to grant him more healthy and fruitful years.

Comrade Victor Okhaimoh


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