Re: Is Obaseki An Economist As Claimed On National TV?


By Fola Iwalewa PhD

I am in pains and utter disgust hearing Mr Obaseki refer to himself as an economist, and the question is how? In his WAEC result he has P7 in economics, he had 3 credits overall, he failed mathematics.

Secondly, he got admission to study Classics (now linguistics) at the University of Ibadan, a program that is completely unrelated to Economics and social sciences. He barely passed to go do his NYSC.

Thirdly, he traveled to the U.S to do an MBA, again this is a program that is unrelated to economics completely. Now, he came back to Nigeria and he decided to be a stock broker not even a banker, now he ran most of the companies aground before joining to establish Afrinvest.

Afrinvest was also mismanaged and was sanctioned by the Stock Exchange Commission for infractions in 2007/2008.
Godwin was literally jobless in 2008 when he joined Oshiomhole as an adviser on full time basis collecting 30m every year as over head and estacodes for traveling with his excellency the governor all over the world.

He decided to forego his N299,000 monthly salary for public stunting. Typical style of a con artist.
In all of these, pls tell me where, when and how did he study economics, practice economics or when was he even privileged to be inducted into any economics related organizations or institute both in Nigeria and overseas?

Look at his CV, its all about stockbroking this and that.
Look, If the Nigerian government don’t do away with fraudulent claimants like Godwin Obaseki we will wake up one day and hear that the PDP has given his vice presidential ticket to a seasoned economist to run the economy and then we find ourselves in another circle of confusion.

What we now know and confirmed is that Mr Obaseki is an ungrateful fellow, he has done this to his cousin Jackson Obaseki of NNPC, he had lied on Oshiomhole and now he is betraying his benefactors at the national level especially President Buhari who created an enabling environment for him to win his way through his controversial second term in office.


Now, listen to me, Obaseki is not an economist, he is at best a “classicsfy stockbroker’ and this has nothing to do with economics or econometrics or economic management in all ramifications. He should be sanctioned by the Nigerian economic society (NES) and other related bodies as an impostor.

Now on the issue of currency printing, Obaseki should know that its one of the instruments the central bank uses to regulate money in circulation under M3 in economics, how should that be a news?

In addition, out of 36 state governors how come its only him that knows that CBN printed N60bn to augment March allocation? This is simply an act of buffonery.
Its heart warming that the CBN governor has decided to recall all its loans advanced to the states governments as a result of Obasekis flippant act, this is a patriotic decision by all standards and as a so called economist, the Governor of Edo state should know that when you borrow money you have to pay back.

Genuine graduates of economics won’t speak irresponsibly the way Godwin has spoken, and he won’t address key macro and micro economics policies options the way he has done without been fair to the statutory bodies assigned to do such jobs.

This is the kind of person that has been imposed on the people of edo state, arrogant, ungrateful, full of himself, lacking in emotional intelligence and insensitive to his environment. Trained economists are completely honed differently. No wonder he has refused to have a commissioner for finance or budget because he is Mr Know it all.

Enough of leaders masquerading themselves in borrowed robs to rob Nigeria of quality leadership.

Fola Iwalewa PhD is of
Ogun State University
Ago Iwoye. Ogun state



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