Reactions As Fubara Joins Social Media Criticism Of Wike’s Versace Suit Dance [VIDEO]

Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State took a jibe at his predecessor and current Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, on Wednesday.

Fubara’s comments came during a visit from the people of Ogbakor Etche in Port Harcourt, apparently in response to a viral video of Wike dancing that caused a stir on social media last week.

The video, which appeared online last Monday, showed Wike dancing in a Versace blue street-style coat reportedly worth over N2 million. This flashy display drew strong reactions from citizens who criticized Wike for spending lavishly amid the country’s severe economic crisis.


Speaking to the Etche people, Fubara cautioned his followers not to be misled by the actions of his political opponents, suggesting their public displays were deceptive.

He said, “Don’t let anybody deceive you. They can come to the media and dance but when they go behind, they cry.”

Fubara added, “The truth is that we don’t know how to dance but we say it the way it is and we stand tall anywhere we go.”

Watch the video below:



See some reactions below:
@debo_rev: I need to go and learn strategic “wowlence” from Fubara. This guy is a Don in the college of wowlence. Fear people who no dey talk too much.

@Mayordavid_9: He’s sounding like a pained soul

@messithelastdon: Oga abeg abeg abeg abeg abeg

@ng_gwg: The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions. — Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
A sentence is enough for the wise. 🚶🏽‍♂️

@EuchariaUrantaO: One thing he said that remains sacrosanct is the fact that they have defected! How do you change that???? That was where they missed it!

@adedstv: My sister,this man is gone!!!!! I swear he doesn’t know anything about politics! His political adviser has ruined him ! Of he survives this tenure,na God hand e go be! If I were those guys,this Fubara is a hunt game for me! They will impeach him without a hoot! O easy ju!

@OkacheThomas: Fubara should calm down, as regards the case he referenced it a case filled with a lot of technicalities that may not favour him.
There is no concrete evidence they decamped.
APC has said they did not decamped to their side.
PDP does not have their letter of resignation

@janeahere: So this man is saying he is above the law? He will not listen to appeal court? He is a goner

@Govmentson: Cho Cho Cho
Simp show workings
It’s a year now
Show projects

@fuzzyalltheway: Heheheheheheh!!!

@possible1001: What do you expect from a baby politician like Sim Fubara? few months ago he told his supporters that the Rivers State PDP list is fake and won’t stand, Hon Chukwuemeka Aaron is still the Chairman of Rivers PDP uptil date.
Person wey no fit hold mic talk 4 him own campaign 😂

@Adeklinsmann2: This Fubara is the greatest of all time ingrate, I’m not surprised sha , because right from the campaign days I knew he and Wike would not last.

@stillrollin11: No play with person wey sabi figures o. This man here knows the figures, which speaks volumes… If you are a quantitative student and know solution to a tough problems, even teacher go fear you, not to talk of fellow classmates…

@MrHanson0: Funny as who he seems to be fighting hasn’t even dropped any sub towards him, he should stop looking for public support and sympathy and play the game of politics he signed up for

@SergeNnaji: If not for corrupt judiciary and criminality in the system, the defected assembly members should have been in their various constituents explaining to their people on how they went to the house to do their godfather’s bidding instead of working for the interest of their people.

@Ola_Rome: As long as he’s making the rivers state populace happy, he will have that rest of mind. No capping. The constitution is clear. As a legislator, once you defect, your seat is declared vacant. Was there crisis in the party? No. Even the judiciary no fit reverse am. E sope otilor.

@procycleW2W: The other camp ain’t even saying nothing!

@bondmenow1: You can call him names but one thing that is for sure is either he wins or he fails. Law number one in Robert Green’s 48 laws of power is: Never outshine the master. Indeed some people transgressed the law and succeeded as exemplified in the book. Obaseki had one over Oshiomole.

@extraMiles07: How will they be singing “Fubara must obey Wike” seriously a sitting governor should obey the past governor? I don’t think those guys really understood what they were doing because even Wike will not take that from anybody, they should just be grateful that Fubara is gentle man

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