Reactions As Yul Edochie’s Name Erupts After Killing Of Nollywood Star Linked To Kidnapping

The involvement of a Nollywood actor in a kidnapping ring has sparked a wave of reactions online with some questioning why more popular actor, Yul Edochie should be called out after the incident.

The news broke following a police operation in Lagos that led to the deaths of nine suspected kidnappers, including the actor.

On July 5th, the Lagos State Police Command’s Special Squad One Team engaged a suspected nine-man kidnap gang around Ajao, Okota, Isolo, and Ladipo. The operation concluded with all suspects killed, and the recovery of five AK-47 rifles and two SUVs.


Prominent film producer and former CEO of Best of Nollywood (BON), Seun Oloketuyi, revealed that one of the slain suspects was Prince Henry Ode, a rising actor from Port Harcourt. Ode was also an executive producer for popular Nollywood actor Yul Edochie.

Oloketuyi shared the news on Instagram, stating, “Ason Rich executive Producer is said to be the Ring Leader of the Kidnap gang that were shot dead in Lagos with a Port Harcourt-based rising Actor, They were part of those killed in the Ladipo shooting according to reports.”

The revelation of Ode’s involvement has led to varied and intense reactions online. Many expressed shock and disappointment, with some suggesting that acting was merely a cover for his criminal activities.

Comments ranged from disbelief to cynicism, with one user joking that Ode was “rehearsing his movie roles in real life.” Others speculated whether Ode’s criminal activities were a “side hustle” or intertwined with his acting career.

The controversy deepened when a photo of Ode with Yul Edochie circulated, leading some to question whether other actors might also be secretly involved in criminal activities.

This particular point sparked heated debates and misunderstandings among commenters, with some defending Edochie and others suggesting a broader issue within the industry.

Here are some notable reactions from social media:

madone: “You don’t mean it.”

nifemi25: “How true is this?”

We4all: “He was shooting a movie and decided to use real life actors.”

KenghisKhan: “Which one be the side hustle?”

tunde1200: “Na their ways we know them for that and drugs. Influx of them in Lagos get reason stupid people with hate and criminal mind fellows.”

franchasofficia: “He was only rehearsing his movie roles in real life to perfect his acting skills and you people went and killed him.”

Inspirer1: “But why bring Yul name into it? Why not mention the names of all other actresses and actors he has had professional relationships with as well? And the OP too uploading his pics with that of Yul seems somehow to me sha.”

9jaBloke: “He should be thoroughly interrogated. This is bad for Nollywood.”

Goldsplash: “Didn’t he ask himself what if his victims recognize him in movies he acted in or will be acting in? I doubt this story.”

TGMISKY: “This is highly disgraceful.”

The shocking news and subsequent online reactions highlight the stark contrast between the glamorous portrayal of actors in Nollywood and the grim reality of criminal involvement

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