Reasons Why Women Sex Drive Decreases After Childbirth


Being intimate with your partner is not just physically important but emotionally fulfilling as well.

There are times, however, when low libido makes it hard to get in the mood for sex.

Multiple reasons can cause this but it could definitely be pointing towards an underlying health condition you need to look into.

From extreme hormonal changes to postpartum depression, many factors can lead to depleting sex drive in new mothers.

While giving birth to a new life is a phenomenal experience, it can also deprive you of sexual intimacy.


That said, here’s why your sex drive can decrease with childbirth.

After prolonged hours of caring for one’s child, it can often lead to exhaustion and fatigue.

Following childbirth, women often neglect other things in life and dedicate all their time to tending to their kids.

This can lead to a loss of sexual desire.


Postnatal depression
Many women suffer from postnatal depression.

In the wake of childbirth, stress, anxiety and fatigue can collectively take a toll on a women’s mental health, leading to a loss of sexual desire in women.

Hormonal changes
There’s a huge shift in the hormonal level in women after childbirth.


Levels of the hormones such as estrogen and progesterone drop considerably, disrupting the process of natural lubrication, which causes low libido in women.


It is common among breastfeeding women to experience a loss of desire and intimacy with their partners.

While breastfeeding can affect the production of estrogen, it can lead to lower libido levels in women.

Altered body image

Pregnancy and childbirth can bring a lot of change to your physical appearance.

This may lead to insecurities and an impaired sense of body image in women, following which there is a loss of sexual desire.

How to treat low sex drive post-childbirth?
Lower libido levels in women after childbirth is natural. However, you can bring back the intimacy by indulging in self-care.

Talk to your partner and address your concerns.

Seek expert help and ask them to help you resolve issues related to your depleting sex drive.

And remember all bodies are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with how you look after giving birth to a new life.


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