Return Of Benin Artifacts: Obaseki’s Action Repeat Of What His Great Grandfather Did In Past – Group Attacks Edo Gov


Benin Solidarity Movement (BSM) worldwide has received with trepidation the news that the Edo State Government under the leadership of Governor Godwin Obaseki in collaboration with some criminally minded individuals mostly of Benin extraction have through the backdoor planning to corner our stolen but soon to be returned Benin artefacts by some foreign countries.

The action is a complete treachery against the Benin Kingdom under the guide of His Royal Majesty, Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Ewuare11, N’Ogidigan.

For those conversant with history Governor Godwin Obaseki’s action is a repeat of what his great grandfather did in the time of the British invasion of Benin Kingdom in 1897 where he sold out the Kingdom to the British invaders.

Also we want to seize this opportunity to warn those parroting support for Governor Obaseki’s action that their days of judgment has come close and none of them will escape it.

People like Orobosa Omo Ojo who used to be like a Secretary to our Omo N’Oba N’Edo as at the time our Oba was a heir to the throne and who have suddenly find himself in cahoot with Governor Godwin Obaseki for pecuniary purposes are warned not to count their teeth yet as the dawn is near when all will account for their acts of ommission or commission.


We, members of the Benin Solidarity Movement (BSM) Worldwide, stand with the Oba of Benin who by all dictates is the sole guide of the custom and tradition of Benin Kingdom and who by tradition ought to be given full authority of what steps to take to make the about to be returned artefacts find their right place of rest in Benin land.

We reject and shall resist any form of conspiracy by political jobbers of Benin extraction and their cohorts. The stride of a gentle leopard cannot be under estimated.

Oba gha tor kpeeeeee………… ISEEEEEEE!!!


Elder Curtis Eghosa Ugbo,

President, Benin Solidarity Movement (BSM) worldwide

Sunday, June 27th, 2021



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