Rudeboy Joins Mr P To Tackle Seun Kuti Rudeboy Seun Mrp


Singer Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy has joined his twin brother Peter Okoye aka Mr P to troll Seun Kuti following the Afrobeats singer’s outburst directed at them on social media.

The barrage of words between Kuti and Mr P started after the former hit the latter and his twin over their ‘sudden love’ for the ‘suffering masses and desire for a working system’ in the country.
He also argued the PSquare brothers, while emphasising Mr P had no right to tell the people who to vote for claiming they had wined and dined with the ‘rich men and politicians that have continued to create hardship for the common man.

Reacting in a series of Twitter posts, which has eight parts, Mr P tagged Seun Kuti as ‘frustrated’ urging him to pray to his deity to take away the bitterness from his heart and change his life situation.

He said the Big Bird would be an unknown entity if it were not for his iconic dad, noting he and his brother have worked hard to imprint their names in the sands of time.

Mr P advised Kuti to learn decorum from his nephew Made Kuti and leave other people ready to campaign for their preferred presidential candidate alone.

The youngest son of Femi Anikulapo Kuti took a swipe at Mr P for throwing shades at him online instead of engaging him in a political debate that would elevate their followers’ consciousness about politics.
He bemoaned the pop singer for deriding him using his late father and nephew.

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The Egypt 80 band leader blasted the entire Okoye family for fighting and ridiculing themselves online.

He said: “Why not call me out for political debate? Let’s discuss political debate and elevate the consciousness of our followers. Instead you begin throw shades online. Your family be like him family wey dem disgrace themselves online?

“Dey fight, dey throw….dey use my own father and my nephew. Why you no use your own nephew talk to me, abi your own brother.

”Are you not proud of yourselves? After una don disgrace una whole family online finish. Yab yab unaselves. Throw una selves anyhow because of money. Senior brother, twin brother, everybody insult una lives, throw everything. You’re now using my own family to talk to me. That Made is well-behaved. Why didn’t you too copy Made when you were disgracing yourselves, Mugu!

“After you have played for Buhari in 2015. You think they didn’t reach out to us too during that time? But we know how to say, ‘No’. Because no be everything we dey chop.

“And let me tell you people something. In this country, until we as a people learn how to sacrifice the things wey we dey ‘chop’. Na that thing wey we dey chop naim dey f*ck us up. Naim dey diminish us.”

Rudeboy responded: “E be like I go start to dey smoke dis Igbo ohh” and accompanied the post with laughing emojis.


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