Security Experts Laud Nigerian Army For Arresting Soldier That Insulted Sanwo-Olu

Some security experts have commended the Nigerian Army for arresting the soldier in a viral video, who insulted Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interviews on Wednesday that if such an act was left unchecked, it would lead to more audacity against our leaders and decadence in the society.

NAN recalls that Sanwo-Olu recently arrested a soldier for plying one-way on a motorcycle around the Badagry axis of the state, in the first week of January.

After the arrest, some soldiers were seen on viral videos on social media, verbally attacking the governor for ordering the arrest of the soldier.


The Chairman, of Nigerian Legion, Lagos state chapter, Akeem Wolimoh said he was happy that the army was able to arrest the soldier.

Wolimoh said the military all over the world, remained the epitome of discipline and protecting the constitution which entailed that the rules guiding the society were their responsibility to protect.

“That being the case, it would be absurd for military personnel to break the law of the society nevertheless, mistakes can be made.

“The soldier arrested is remorseful from the video I saw and what the governor uttered cannot be seen as too much for the governor to say.

“I watched a clip where one soldier was insulting the governor. Is it ethical for a soldier like that to be insulting a sitting governor?” he queried.


The chairman said that this was a decadence on its own which the society should frown at.

“I believe that most of those that came out on social media to tongue-lash the governor are not real soldiers.

“For instance, the soldier in a United Nations (UN) uniform in a viral video wore his headgear upside down and he didn’t even know how to position the crest.

“This invariably depicts that he is not a military personnel,” he said.

Wolimoh said that some people were trying to hijack the incident and politicise it to attack the personality of the governor.


“This is not good because it will only help us to promote decadence rather than good morals in our youths and the society at large.

“The military gets most of its support from the government and government agencies, therefore, we cannot afford to be confrontational,” he said.

The chairman said that most military personnel who were honorably discharged from service ended up as veterans and the government had been doing a lot in support of them.

“So, to start fighting the government will not augur well, we have to see how we can check and balance our attitude and approach to issues.

“This is necessary so that we will not end up losing the dignity and relationship that we have built over the years,” Wolimoh said.


Also, the Chief Executive Officer, Badison Security Ltd., Matthew Ibadin said the soldier that was arrested was not even in uniform.

Ibadin said that if the soldier was in uniform, it would have been a different ball game.

“We don’t need to over flog this issue in a way that will paint the governor red or present him in a bad light.

“The governor has done what he is supposed to do and if you violate the state law, there will be consequences for it regardless of who you are,” the security expert said.

Ibadin recalled that the former governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola (SAN) during his tenure, stopped a colonel for taking the BRT lane which was against the law of the state.

“The colonel was remorseful and even saluted Fashola because he knew that what he did was wrong and against the law of the state.

“So, anybody can say what he or she wants to say about Sanwo-Olu for upholding the law but plying one way is a crime and we cannot live lawless,” he said.

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