See What Peter Obi Asked Tinubu’s Govt To Do With N15 Billion Earmarked For Shettima’s Residence



The presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 elections, Peter Obi, has raised concerns regarding the allocations outlined in the proposed 2024 budget.

In a statement on X, Obi highlighted excessive expenses projected for renovating the official residences of Vice President Kashim Shettima, noting that it can fuel police vehicles nationwide.

”The N15 billion budgeted for the new residence of the Vice President can be used for fuelling police operational cars by tripling their fuel allowances from about N5000 presently to N15,000 per day, which will come to N13.687 billion,” he wrote.

Obi also queried why presidential trips and office renovations, should be worth over N65 billion.

Expressing dismay at the significant funds set aside for transportation and office refurbishments within the presidency, Obi questioned the prioritization of these allocations over critical areas like internal security.

Drawing attention to the plight of over 5,000 under-equipped police stations lacking operational vehicles and adequate fuel allowances, Obi proposed an alternative allocation strategy.

He suggested redirecting funds from presidential expenses to support local manufacturers in procuring 2,500 4×4 trucks for these stations, aiming to bridge crucial security infrastructure gaps.

He said his proposal aims to redirect budgetary focus towards urgent security, health, education, and poverty alleviation needs.

Obi urged a comprehensive review of the budget, advocating for a realignment that prioritizes critical national requirements over what he perceives as excessive expenditure in non-productive sectors.

He emphasized the importance of prudent allocation to uplift the impoverished masses and foster a New Nigeria.

”By prioritizing our planning, and budgeting this way, we will not only be securing the country better but will be making our local industries more productive and profitable, thereby creating the desperately needed jobs.

”I urge that we urgently review our budget and revise it to prioritize our urgent needs in Health, Education, and pulling people out of poverty which will only be achieved by a planning and budgeting strategy that targets these critical need areas.

”It is time we recognize our difficulty, especially the suffering of the poor masses and prioritize our expenditure. That is what we clamor for in the New Nigeria which we insist is very possible,” he stated


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