Senator Alimikhena Reacts To Oshiomhole Emergence As Edo North Senatorial Candidate




The attention of Senator Francis Alimikhena has been drawn to a false publication that Comrade Adams Oshiomhole defeated the incumbent Senator in a Primary election in which the incumbent did not participate.


The mass media must desist from yielding themselves as the pulpit for political propaganda.

This message, therefore, serves as a clear warning to all media houses both online and conventional media that any medium that linked Senator Francis Alimikhena to the Political Robbery called (primary in Edo North) will be made to face legal actions.

The Said report in various news blogs which claimed that Senator Francis Alimikhena scored five in the Primary election that didn’t take place, should be disregarded and taken as black Propaganda that is deliberately and strategically spun to transmit lies.

The media cannot be used in the cloning of truth in an attempt to mislead the public who are already armed with the truth.

Both the Independent Electoral Commission INEC and the All Progressive Congress (APC) in their strange Universe which they occupied, connived to forge an electoral score for an aspirant that was absent in the said contest and has defected from the Party. How can a man not in your Political Party be awarded fictitious score?


We dare them to produce the video evidence of their claims and prepare to defend the rationale behind their reckless allegations and blackmail at the appropriate time.

“Truth and accuracy were wantonly and recklessly sacrificed on the altar of personal aggrandizement in their claims. Oshiomhole was unopposed and couldn’t have defeated an empty air in his shadow primary.

We, therefore, caution the Nigerian mass media (Social Media, Print, and electronic Media) not to avail themselves as a ready instrument in the hands of Political merchants who lie effortlessly in their desperation to fine-tune propaganda and clone them to achieve unrealistic conclusions to avoid legal actions.

This was why Teddy Roosevelt said, “Unless a man is honest we have no right to keep him in public life, it matters not how brilliant his capacity …”

Benjamin Atu
Media Aide


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