Seun Kuti Apologises To Isreal DMW Over Marriage Taunt In New Video

Nigerian singer Seun Kuti has issued a public apology to Israel DMW, the personal logistics manager for Davido. This comes in the wake of a recent public backlash against Israel, particularly for involving his wife, Sheila, in the controversy.

In a new statement, Seun Kuti clarified that those criticizing Israel DMW might have acted similarly if placed in his position. He pointed out a perceived eagerness among critics to undermine Israel in a bid to potentially secure his role.


Highlighting a trend where individuals have been lavishing more praise on Davido than Israel, Seun Kuti hinted at an undercurrent of desire among some to replace Israel in his professional position.

Taking responsibility for his previous critique of Isreal during a messy breakup with his wife, Sheila, Seun Kuti publicly expressed regret and offered a sincere apology to Isreal DMW.

See his apology video below;



This move aims to foster reconciliation and understanding amidst the recent controversies surrounding Israel DMW.

Read some comments below;

Here are some reactions to Seun Kuti’s statement:

@Tamms0328: “There is no love in this country.”


@tunashbobo: “most will do worst if in his position.”

@SucreMamito124: “But being where he is does not mean he can not do those things he is being accused of.”

@ElpadrinoSnr: “My point too. Having some like Israel in ur life is another flex.”

@Phamozhi: “Aswear, people wey go wan collect Isreal job, na them Dey yab am pass

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