Seven Ways Not To Fall Victim To Bus Stop Pickpockets

We have heard or read about cases of individuals who have fallen victims to unsuspended fellows who ended up being pickpockets especially at the bus stop while waiting to board a bus to their destination.

Such incident can be excruciatingly painful as these victims end up losing valuables to terrible individuals that thrive in causing pain to others when they unsuspectingly stretch their swift evil hands only to steal from people.

To avoid falling a victim to such unscrupulous beings, below are seven key points that are note-worthy:

1. Be conscious of your location especially if it’s one that lacks any form of security outfit like the police.

2. Be alert at your location. When standing at a bus stop, you must intentionally be aware of your immediate location.

Be vigilant and scan the area with precision to notice anything unusual so you are never caught unaware.

3. Ensure you are not standing totally alone and far from everyone else. Even though everyone at the bus stop is a stranger to you, make sure you are not too far from other people. If you are, you make yourself quite an easy target for pickpockets.

So, you must ensure you are standing around a few other persons not necessarily in a manner that seems you might be pressing against them.

As awkward as this may sound, it makes it a bit difficult for them to perform their enterprise in such a situation.

4. Be protective of your personal effects. You must guard your belongings jealously when standing at a bus stop. If you are a lady, holding your bag tightly to your chest is your best bet.


For the guys, you can do same if you have a briefcase or back pack with you. If not, make sure your wallet and phone are inside your side pockets with your hands placed inside your pockets as well.

5. Avoid wearing accessories that will make you susceptible to pickpockets at the bus stop

It is fine to take off your expensive jewelries for the time you would be there and wear them much later when you perceive it’s safe to.

6. Avoid every form of distraction. Most pickpockets operate within an area they are familiar with. They are usually there before you.

So, ensure you do not get caught or lost in their different gimmicks meant to put you off guard. Look away from any form of drama that is being displayed at the bus stop.

You can decide to move slightly away from the immediate point of the drama.

7. Don’t stand too long at the bus stop. This may sound strange as no sane person would want to stand too long at the bus stop.

It may happen as a result of unforeseen circumstances but ensure you board a bus as soon as possible and leave the bus stop.


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