Sexual Harassment: Drama As Barakat’s Father Withdraws Case Against Ogun Commissioner [VIDEO]



Adesola Melojuekun, father of Barakat Melojuekun, has come out to say he is no longer interested in the sexual harassment allegation levelled against the Ogun State Commissioner for Environment by his daughter.

Barakat had in a viral video on Saturday accused the Commissioner, Abiodun Abudu-Balogun of sexually harassing her in his house by touching her breasts, caressing her, while reciting incantations.

The Commissioner was suspended yesterday by the State government for police investigations to take place.

But few hours after the suspension, the 16-year-old accuser came out in another video to say she wanted the matter to be laid to rest.

Just like his daughter, father of the teenager has also come out to say he does not have interest in the case anymore.

Adesola said he had discovered that, “There were a few misconception and misunderstanding along the line between my daughter and the Commission.

“Having discovered this, I deem it fit to inform the public and the international community that this matter should be laid to rest.

“As the father to Melojuekun Barakat, I want to appeal to the public, the international community and the media that I don’t have interest in this matter again.

“I am withdrawing my case and I want them to support me the same way they did in the beginning of this matter,” the father pleaded.

Neither the daughter nor her father apologized to the Commissioner in their latest videos.

WAtch video below;



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