She Gave Birth In The Den Of Kidnappers, See What The Kidnappers Did After The Child Was Born

Insecurity and kidnapping is one of the biggest challenge we are facing in this country, most especially in the northern part of the country. It is obvious that nobody is actually safe in this part of the world.

A woman named Suwaiba Nasaru connected her ordeal within the hands of kidnappers to newsmen. it absolutely was the day after Christmas. Bandits raided the village of Biya Ki Kwana of Batsari local government area, Katsina State and injred 2 young man they abducted ten ladies and women.

One of these kidnapped was a heavily pregnant Suwaiba Nasaru alongside her 2 years old female offspring. She narrated that her husband had traveled to the south to go looking for means of sustenance once gunmen raider her village and took her and different ladies away. She along side different ladies trekked a substantial distance through the night before riding on motorcycles to the kidnappers’ den.

However, Suwaiba’ s water try to give birth while she was with the kidnappers’ and she went into labor. one among the abducted ladies served as a nurse as she delivered her baby daughter while the abductors watched.


The lady goes on to relate how the abductors reacted. She aforesaid that they brought her hot water to shower and additionally cleaned the baby. They were the ones who brought razor blade that was used to cut the umblical cord. They additionally consulted their leader to hunt her discharge and eventually the girl was discharged home.

While seizure shouldn’ t be condoned in our society, we must always apprehend that no kidnapper was born as such. A criminal or the other wrongdoer usually contains a soft spot in their heart.

Let us thus take a while to pray very well so people who have interaction in dangerous acts and cause issues for others should change.


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