Sheikh Gumi Reacts To Accidental Bombing Of Kaduna Community



Renowned Islamic Scholar Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has alleged that the bombing of villagers in Tudun Biri in Igabi Local Government Area of the state was intentional.

The Nigerian Army had said the incident was accidental and apologised to the community for an “operational error.”

The scholar, who spoke while delivering his weekly lecture at the Sultan Bello Mosque, Kaduna, questioned that if the first bomb dropped on the people was a mistake as claimed, what of the second bomb that targeted those evacuating the bodies 30 minutes after, as claimed by the villagers.

According to him, it was God who exposed some of the atrocities committed by the military in the forest, saying he had been calling on the people that innocent villagers were victims of the security bombardments in the forest, but nobody listened.

His words: “These people assembled in a place women and children were, and the drones have cameras, which means they saw the people, but they suspected they were children and wives of some people. I’m sure you would all have justified it if they got the families of those people.

“But they mistakenly targeted those who are not their target. For us, nobody should be a target of such bombings. This is because it’s wrong to kill women and children, including the elderly, and we are not in support of such, even if they are IPOB members.

“We will never support the killings of IPOB wives and children. It’s better to have face-to-face combat than bombing people. After all, nobody will even bomb IPOB. Those attacking Fulani settlements in Oyo, did you hear anybody dropping bombs on them?

“These bombs were made specifically to target some people, but God exposed them because He was not happy with the killings of innocent lives.

“We hope the victims died as martyrs. But nobody should tell me it was a mistake. No, it was intentional because the target was meant for other people. Whoever dropped the bomb should be brought out.

“The people claimed the first bomb killed some people and that 30 minutes later, the second bomb was dropped. If the first bomb was a mistake, should the second bomb be a mistake?”


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