“She’s Like My Daughter” – Ex Lagos Deputy Gov Tells Nigerians To Forgive Betta Edu


A former deputy governor of Lagos state, Femi Pedro, has asked Nigerians to forgive the suspended Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr Betta Edu.

In a statement on Wednesday, Pedro urged Nigerians to give Dr Edu a second chance saying she will learn a hard lesson from her mistakes and conduct herself better in the future.

“I first met Betta when she was introduced to me as a candidate for Women Leader of our party in Abuja in early 2022,” Pedro said.

“Shortly after, she was in Lagos on a courtesy visit and I immediately liked her style, her carriage and comportment.

“She exuded confidence, was articulate, knew what she wanted and appeared to me as focused, determined and ambitious. She later won the election and became the Party’s Women Leader.

“Betta worked very hard during the campaign. She was everywhere mobilizing women, campaiged with the Presidential Campaign team all over the country, and attended most of the events.

“We have all read about her wrongdoings and her suspension by the President and questioning by the EFCC.

“This is as it should be. I hope and pray that at the end of the day, she would have learned a hard lesson on how to conduct herself as a public officer and navigate the banana peels in the corridors of power.

“Betta Edu is like a daughter to me and I feel really sorry for her for the mess she finds herself in. I asked myself what if she’s my daughter? Would I disown her? She’s a promising bright star who could have served this nation in higher capacities.”

Pedro advised Nigerian youths who are appointed into public offices to get a mentor with some measure of credibility to guide them.

“The nation needs more young people in public service and I hope her misadventure will not discourage others in her age bracket,” he added.

“My advice to all young people who are called to service in public office is to seek out a mentor of a public officer serving or retired with some measure of credibility and good pedigree who will guide and mentor them on how to navigate the murky waters of public office.

“There are still many young, smart, focused, and dedicated young men and women out there who are interested in public service at the leadership level not because of the attraction of free money and power but for the genuine desire to serve the country and the people.

“I urge you not to be discouraged but to continue to pursue your dream. The nation needs you,” he added.


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