Shocker As Man Kills Mother In Land Dispute


Police in Kenya has launched a manhunt for a man alleged to have stabbed his 91-year-old mother to death over a land dispute.

The incident transpired in Kamagak, southwestern Kenya, on Friday, September 10, 2021.

The deceased and suspect are reported to have had a protracted dispute over ownership of a piece of land.

The suspect, an ex-soldier, arrived home on Friday after being away from home with his family since last year and picked a quarrel with the mother. Out of the altercation, a physical fight ensued; he brandished a knife and stabbed the mother in the chest and head.


Local authorities reported that the granny succumbed to injuries while being rushed to hospital.

The ex-soldier fled home after committing the heinous act.

Police boss Lilies Wachira suspects he went back to Tanzania, where he resided when he was working in the military.



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