Should Big Brother Naija Embrace S*xuality And S*x Or Cut It Off?


Even though this has arguably been the horniest season of Big Brother Naija, every season has had its [un]fair share of sex and sexuality and its continued inclusion has regularly been a subject of conversation.

housemates to engage in sex and fondling under their thick blankets. Miracle and Nina were accused of having sex during the ‘Double Wahala’ season. Last season, Tega and Boma were evicted from the Big Brother House because one married housemate engaged in some indiscreet movement under the sheets and numerous makeout sessions and Nigerians refused to forgive them till now.

Tega and Boma kissing in the executive lounge [Nairaland]
Tega and Boma kissing in the executive lounge [Nairaland]
During the 5th (Lockdown) season. Ka3na and Praise were also accused of getting their freak on under the sheets, to which Ka3na said it was only aggressive cuddling. Dorathy admitted that she gave Brighto a blow job under the sheet in the same season. Erica was also seen being fingered by Kiddwaya.

This ongoing season has the highest number of couples we’ve seen engaged in sex-related activities. Khalid and Daniella, Daniella and Dotun, and Chi Chi and Deji engaged in alleged sexual intercourse. Phyna and Groovy, Bella and Sheggz, Allysyn and Hermes have always had steaming kissing sessions. This season, many people are even disgusted by the coupling and sexual contest which sometimes feels contrived.

Different perspectives of sex on the show
The viewers
Some Nigerians look forward to sex scenes on this show, even though the actual sight of it on their TV eventually appalls them. The excitement with which they pass the information across the next day shows that they, at least, find it fascinating.

Many people even stay awake to watch the housemates sleep in hopes that they might catch a glimpse of the housemates getting freaky under the sheets.

Other Nigerians are quick to judge and mock housemates who engage in such activities.

Some people feel that since their actions are aired on TV should make them more self-conscious and exercise more self-restraint but the show must go on.

The housemates
Many things can be said about why the housemates engage in sex but the fact remains that they are sexually active adults.

No doubt seeing a member of the opposite sex may spur many feelings, especially in an enclosed place where they are constantly seeing themselves and sometimes get intoxicated, but perhaps many give in too soon and some self-control is needed, the whole world is watching.

The show
The Big Brother Show is rated 18+ which means it has some explicit content that should be seen by only adults.

Many people blame the show for promoting sexual activities but really, the show is meant for entertainment – adult entertainment. Does the show have any fiduciary duty to the morality of society, one where premarital sex and even adultery (in the South) is not an crime? The simple answer is No.


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