Signs That Prove You Were Not The Problem In Your Past Relationship

After experiencing one too many failed relationships, you may start to wonder if you’re the problem or if everyone else just doesn’t get you. On occasions, you could be the problem and need to work on yourself.

However, sometimes you aren’t the problem, and these are some of the signs you will notice when you were definitely not the problem.

1. Exes keep coming back
They left you without any meaningful explanation, leaving you broken and wondering where you went wrong. Surprisingly, every person that left you and called you difficult ended up asking for a comeback.

Ask yourself, why would anyone want to come back to something that was supposedly bad for them? It wasn’t bad; they just thought they found something better, and now that they’ve been disappointed, they want to come back and act like nothing happened.


2. They want to be friends
When you reject an offer for a comeback, they plead to stay friends.

It’s not genuine friendship they’re looking for; they want to remain in your good graces so that one day when the opportunity arises, they can easily seize it. So, if you were truly that bad, why are they desperate to be in your space?

3. They keep checking up on you
They won’t go away; you’ve shown no interest in being friends with them, but they just don’t get it. They will randomly call or text, saying they were just checking up. They will watch all your stories and leave comments.


They will follow your pages, and you’ll keep seeing them in your likes. Yes, everyone wants to remain in contact with a great person.

4. They are at your beck and call
When you need something, you can call on them. When you’re in trouble in the middle of the night, they won’t hesitate to come to your rescue.

It shows how much they value you, and who values a terrible person? You don’t always need to call them, but they will still be there for you when you need them.

If you have noticed all these signs, then maybe you’re not that bad. You just haven’t found your person yet, so relax and stop being hard on yourself. The right person for you is out there, and Cupid is working hard to help you find each other.

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