Signs That Show Your Period Is Approaching You Should Not Ignore

About 90% of women experience premenstrual signs yet some women get embarrassed when their period starts in awkward places and conditions. The truth is many of these women are either not aware of the period signs, not observant enough or in some rare cases didn’t get signs at all.

These premenstrual syndrome (pms) signs usually begin about 1 to 2 weeks before the period and end 3 to 4 days before bleeding starts. According to Healthline, you should start preparing yourself for menstruation when you see the following signs

1. Your breasts are sore or heavy.

Period induced breast pain is called cyclical breast pain. Your breast starts feeling tender, swollen or sore due to changes in hormones estrogen, progesterone and prolactin.

2. You’re breaking out.

Acne or pimple is a common challenge at this time of the month. Before or during your period, you may notice breakouts on your chin and jawline area.

3. You’re tired but you can’t sleep.


Shifting hormones might disturb your sleep pattern and make you feel tired yet unable to fall asleep.

4. You have cramps.

This is one of the most frequent period complaints. Many women get cramps in the lower belly before or even during the menstrual period.

5. Feeling constipated or having diarrhoea.

You might begin to have digestive problems. Some women feel constipated while others start complaining of diarrhoea

6. You’re bloated and gassy.

Your body seems to retain more water as you approach your menstrual period. You can reduce this symptom by cutting down on salt, consuming more fruits and vegetables and exercising regularly

7. You have a headache

Changes in estrogen levels are responsible for premenstrual headaches. Those prone to migraine can start getting the symptoms before menstruation

8. Having mood swings.

Some women experience mood swings before menstruating. They tend to cry more, feel angry at the slightest opportunity and are more irritable


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