Sonia Ogiri Slams Jay Boogie Over Failed BBL Surgery

Popular Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri has frowned upon donations made by well meaning Nigerians to crossdresser, Jay Boogie following a botched butt surgery.

Taking to her Instagram, the actress affirmed that she wouldn’t be participating in the fundraising project for Jay Boogie.

Sonia Ogiri noted that she can only pray for Boogie to be healed but can’t send in money . She queried the transwoman for undergoing a butt surgery in the first place which eventually led to his condition.

Lately, Boogie’s friend notified the public about the failure of Jay Boogie’s two kidneys.
The script interpreter also blamed Bobrisky for Jay Boogie’s case, accusing him of misleading boys of this generation.
She wrote:
“Dear Nigerians,
*Be sensitive with your giving.
*understand the principles of giving
*Learn the consequences of giving to a course

My Body my Choice? Mind your business? You have no right to be in my business? I do what I like etc has gone wrong? Now you’re involving people? BE SO CAREFUL OF THE DECISIONS YOU MAKE IN LiFE even though it’s YOUR LIFE.


When this generation (society) pressure you, pressure back with your strong will, your strength and focus.
Everything in life has consequences
The kind hearted Nigerians will still Donate money but as FOR ME, I can ONLY pray for GOD’S Mercies and healings upon you. MY MONEY will never go into such case when genuine people needs help? When people with no self afflicted health condition needs help? A MAN? What business do you have with doing your body? When the wrath of GOD is in action, no human can stand it period. Bob well done, you’ve done well misleading some of our boys and you dare laugh at him now?
Y’all are overlooking this topic and soon, it will become a national disaster.”

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