Stop Running After Men’s Money- Actress Sonia

Actress Sonia Ogiri has raised concern over young girls making money off men

Despite the several reports on how girls are being used for money-making, Ogiri expressed shock with how ladies are still eager to physically meet a random man after social media exchanges.

She was reacting to news of a young lady reportedly found in a bush in Edo state who left Lagos to meet a man

Advising young ladies, Ogiri urged them to divert the attention spent on chasing men around to develop themselves in becoming independent rather than relying on men’s money

She said: ”When will some Nigerian girls get little sense? Another one dead and they won’t still hear? We will still hear of the same story again and again. How do you travel to go meet stranger you meet online? Come to think of it


“The time you spend running after those blood-sucking men for money, use that same time in developing yourself to become your own boss. Who said you can’t make the money, you’re following those men for?

“When asked by GOD the cause of your death, what will be your response? Ladies, please take your lives seriously. Making money off men is OLD gist, the latest is making your own money. BE THE YOUR MONEY BOSS periodtt


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