Storm Over Removal Of Bride’s Makeup In Deeper Life Church



A Nigerian bride’s wedding day took an unexpected turn as her parents, who are Deeper Life pastors, requested her to remove her makeup, sparking widespread discussions on social media. In a video shared online, the bride is initially seen getting her makeup done, but later scenes show her surrounded by friends, gently wiping away the makeup.

The video captured the moment her parents, adhering to their Deeper Life Church beliefs, directed her to remove the makeup, leading to various reactions and debate online. Social media users have been sharing their opinions on this unique situation, prompting discussions about personal choices, family expectations, and religious convictions.

Watch video below;


The incident has sparked a heated online debate, with users expressing diverse viewpoints on the matter. Some applauded the bride’s respect for her parents’ wishes, while others questioned the imposition of such beliefs on personal choices, especially on one’s wedding day.


This incident highlights the balance between tradition, religious beliefs, and individual expression in modern society, provoking thought-provoking conversations about cultural expectations and personal freedom.

See some reactions below:

That_Caramel_Girl: “‎My dad hate eye lashes so much but during my sister wedding he was just laughing I latter asked him why he did not complain, and he told me.”

favour etomi: “‎On my wedding day? E tough for una wey no stubborn ohh.”

Bewa Babyyyy: “‎Can ever be me! if I listen make i bend.”

Tani: “‎Awwww she’s a respectful child can never be me sha. I no dey listen to my family.”

Vikky Tarra: “‎If I reply that aunty Ehn, she go avoid me for life.”

Kaf | Scent City: “‎i don’t think anybody can tell me to do this & i’ll listen.”

Nasyakings: “‎This was my cousin on her wedding day. Infact, her dad brought the makeup artist himself. Lemme leave how the look came out to your imagination.”

Orah: “‎Can never be me. Dey play Dey never jam strong head pickin.”

OpticianMary: “‎Our SU parents and aunts ,, they won’t even want her to rub red powder . Btw, she’s naturally beautiful. Next time just prepare for brow, little.”

THE REFRESHMENT CARTEL: “‎Dem dey play cause I no go ever please dem dat day gbam!”

Monica Boateng: “‎Abi she is married now they should go n give her that instructions in her husband’s house.”


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