Sudan: Egypt Furious As Nigerians Without Passport Sneak In

The timely evacuation of Nigerians who fled Sudan may have suffered a blow over the disorderly conduct of some students.

On Friday, the authorities sent hundreds of students back to the war torn country after checking passports or Emergency Travel Certificates (ETCs).

Though those without the documents were asked to wait pending when an ETC will be generated, two students tried to beat security checks at the airport.

In a voice note on the situation, a Nigerian official said citizens got impatient, forcefully joined their colleagues and disappeared.

The official noted that the attitude had “spoiled the efforts that the Federal Government is putting in place to airlift them”.

“Students with passports were allowed to move to the Egypt airport. Those that do not have were asked to wait…an ETC will be issued as a formal document for them to travel.

“Out of impatience, two students without passport or ETC sneaked in. They were discovered at the Aswan airport. Egyptian authorities are angry.”

The update added that over 500 Nigerians have been turned back. They now need to get an exit permit and then get another permit back to Egypt.

A popular Twitter user, @Woye1 has called the attention of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM) and the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

“2 students sneaked in to Egypt without traveling papers from Sudan. Egypt has decided to send back 700 Nigerians back to Sudan.

“FG will incur additional money to pay for buses again. The 2 students could be charged to court. Another one sneaked into Egypt, they are looking for the fellow,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, the second batch of evacuees – 130 nationals comprising 128 females and 2 males – departed the Port Sudan International Airport today.

The Nigerians landed at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja at 3:15 pm via Tarco Airline B737-300 aircraft.

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