Sunday Igboho: Stakeholders Express Mixed Reactions Over Invasion, Killing, Arrest Of Aides


Stakeholders have expressed mixed reactions over the invasion of the residence of Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho.

DAILY POST recalls that the residence located at Soka area in Oluyole local government area of Oyo State was invaded by a combined team of Department of State Services (DSS) around on Thursday.

The DSS confirmed the invasion during a press conference Thursday night.

Our correspondent gathered that two people were killed while thirteen (13) people who were found at Igboho’s residence were arrested and taken to Abuja.

But, stakeholders among whom are labour leaders, politicians, human rights crusaders and other Nigerians have expressed divergent feelings over the invasion.

While some of those who spoke with DAILY POST described the action as undemocratic, others argued that there was nothing bad in the invasion and arrest of Igboho’s aides.

Some advised Igboho to submit himself to the authorities, others advised him against it.

National Coordinator, All Workers Convergence (AWC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze, while speaking on the invasion, described it as an attempt to silence democratic voices.

He said that Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu and other agitators have right to demand for better Nigeria, saying it was wrong for the Federal Government to undertake such action.

He added that the agitators were demanding for restructuring of the country but the government is saying no.

“What the government is doing is that they are setting a bad precedence to shut down the whole idea of democracy where people will no longer demand for their rights.

“Especially the issue of self determination which is encouraged by fundamental laws. I think that Nigeria is becoming a very dangerous nation in the sense that people do not have their right to demand for their rights. Buhari is becoming more of a tyrant where they now use the instrumentality of the State to run a terrorists government.

“What Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu are doing is democratic. The government has termed them as terrorists, but Buhari has refused to term bandits as terrorists. They are negotiating with them with Gumi by giving them support indirectly.

“Especially in the south, government do not want agitations for secession. And the people especially in the south, they are tired of the marriage and they have made up their minds that they are tired of the marriage. They have called for restructuring, the government is saying no.

“That is why the agitations have continued. What the government is doing is that they are trying to shortage these agitations. What the government is doing is undemocratic.”

An Ibadan based publisher, Mr. Maroof Bello while speaking, noted that the DSS should invite Igboho officially.

He noted that if he is invited but refused, then he has run foul of the law.

Bello who spoke with DAILY POST on Friday, insisted that the raid may suppress the agitation for Yoruba nation.

“Whether Sunday Igboho should turn himself in is a legal matter at the moment because it has not been established he had earlier received a formal invitation or any warrant of arrest from DSS before that midnight attack was carried out. If he had earlier been properly invited but refused to honour the invitation, then he has run foul of the law of the land.

“Killing of his aides in the heat of the gun duel may pass for nothing if it is established by the DSS that Igboho’s boys put up a stiff resistance by firing at the security operatives. Declaring Igboho wanted, carting away of sophisticated arms and weapons from his residence, taking away 13 of his lieutenants will set back the agitation, water it down or doom it finally.

“Again, keeping his lieutenants and the seized items in the DSS custody will surely implicate Sunday Igboho and will affect his personal life as a Nigerian. For clarity, no report has it, till the moment, that Chief Sunday Adeyemo’s wife was arrested during the raid.”

Acting National Chairperson of Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), Comrade Abiodun Bamgboye in his own view noted that declaring Igboho wanted without formal invitation is illegal.

Bamgboye called for referendum as the solution to solve the challenges facing the country.

“Flowing from the benefits of hindsight gotten from the DSS following the arrest and detention of the followers of Mr Sunday Igboho, the DSS have not proved that they have had a competent court order to arrest or declare him wanted. All what DSS are out to do is to arrest him. I think Igbowo can approach court to avert his arrest.

“In my opinion, the invasion of Mr Sunday Igboho’s house was draconian and condemnable regardless of the allegation of illegal possession of arms levelled against him. At least there should have been prior attempts by DSS to invite him for interogation over the allegations after which it can then go ahead and declare him wanted if he fails to honour the invitation without any cogent reasons.


“This kind of invasion by implication is no doubt a huge threat to the civil rule and the limited democratic rights it provided for the citizens. This gestapo like invasion is now becoming an ugly trend in the country, including Oyo State.

“It is this kind of strong arm approach by the Buhari government that further fuels the ongoing agitation for self determination and seccession ravaging the country at this present time. So, an action that is meant to repress self determination will further reinforce the agitation.

“We of the SPN support the right to self determination up to secession if it is the democratic decision of any ethnic nationality. So we support the call for a referendum wherever there is strident agitation for separation.

“We therefore call for a sovereign national conference that will be dominated by elected representatives of the working people and youth to determine the way forward for Nigeria. The socialists at such a conference will argue for a new Nigeria on a socialist basis in order not only to resolve the national question but also use the resources of the country for the benefits of the vast majority, not for satisfying the greed of a few as presently obtains.”

Oladiran Oladokun, Convener, Igangan Development Advocates, described the invasion as a way to silence Yoruba race.

“The attack is nothing short of a clear indication of the intentions of the Fulani long harbored Nigeria wide conquest cum establishment of a Nigeria wide caliphate.

“First was covert nepotism and steadily stealthily putting only the tribe men and women in key positions, ongoing for years till it seems other tribes are not meant just endowed and brain worthy until maybe you perhaps listen to foreign news and you hear the Ades and Uches and Osemenes soaring high in foreign clouds.”

Oladokun, while speaking, further noted that anyone who advised Igboho to submit himself to the security agents should first state the offence commited by Igboho.

“I will say anyone who says Chief Sunday Igboho should turn himself in must come up with the crimes he has committed first. You are saying he should turn a blind eye to the killings, rapes, kidnapping unleashed by the Fulani under the guise of herdsmen but which we know is an expansionary mission of the Fulani empire drive.

“Let me be direct, Chief Sunday is a hero worth national awards in a sane government. When people are killed and slaughtered and their king seems helpless, whoever rose to the occasion and defends the poor folks is their hero not villain.

“To invade the personal residence of a peaceful man who is not killing and kidnapping and demanding for ransom, who does not require a Gumi to placate a wanton heartless violent debauchery, simply because he is a Yoruba nation advocate, when bandits roam freely, unchecked and untouchable. This is barbaric.”

Publicity Secretary of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State, Dr. Abdulaziz Olatunde, while speaking said that two wrongs cannot make a right.

He described Igboho’s actions calling for secession as unlawful.

He alleged that Igboho is being used by opposition who have lost in the previous elections.

He advised Igboho to submit himself to the authorities.

“Two wrongs cannot make a right. Though, there is a problem of Fulani herdsmen, insecurity, but he is wrong by saying they want Yoruba nation. All the countries that seceded, is it by force? No. It is by intellectualism.

“You call for referendum. You have people in the parliament, you have people at the National Assembly, you ask for referendum.

“He is being used by the opposition. That is our take. Those who lost the election and are agrieved. So, if the government asked you to submit yourself and you refused, the government has a way to arrest you anyhow.”

Publicity Secretary of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, Engineer Akeem Olatunji in his own contribution noted that the DSS acted based on information.

He then advised Igboho to honour invitation if asked to come.

“I think the security agents must have gotten full information which nobody can dispute. The major thing is for him to show up as a law abiding citizen and explain himself to the security agents so that they explain what happened.

“At least, there is a law court, if he is accused wrongly there is a law court. The law is transparent, I believe he will be able to get justice if accused wrongly. But, as far as I am concerned about Yoruba nation, I am an advocate of one Nigeria.”



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